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Donaldson School 1907-1942

The Donaldson School was built in 1907 and was torn down around 1942. All that is left today is a concrete foundation. If anyone has any recollections or photographs of the Donaldson School or the nearby townsite, please alert one of the friendly folks at the historical society. In addition, if you can identify any of the children in the photos, please let us know.


Photo above shot around 1925. The six girls in the photo have been identified by Vi Becker as, from left to right, Vi Flodin Becker, Lucille Flodin, Eleanor Neff, Anne Flodin, Irene Flodin, and Ella Ericson. The boys are a bit of a mystery- the boy on the far left is identified as either Arvid Ericson or Herb Dickman.


The photo above was shot around 1914, and Pat Ashby made possible IDs of the following: Back Row: L to R, Claude Mayo, Herb Dickman, Bill Dickman, Esther Knowles Morgan (teacher). Second Row: L to R, Myrtle Mayo (Sippy), Alice Mayo (Copp), Rose Mayo. Third Row: L to R, Grace Mayo, Mary Milliken, Ethel St. Clair?, Lenore Krake. Forth Row: L to R, Clarence Dickman, George Mayo, Alfred Dickman, Scoop Milliken, Robert St. Clair. Front Row: L to R, Vera Kobla, ????, Levi (Junior) Krake, Andy Mayo, ????, Dunny (Arthur) Bent.